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Biogen Support Services is here to support
patients receiving QALSODY

As soon as you’re prescribed QALSODY, we can provide help with
financial, insurance, or treatment education. Remember, your
healthcare team is always your best source of information.

To get started, call

Monday-Friday, 8:30
AM to 8:00 PM ET

Biogen Support Coordinators

Get one-on-one phone support, access to resources, and helpful information.

Financial and
insurance assistance

From understanding insurance coverage to exploring financial assistance options, we will connect you with the appropriate support.


Access additional resources to learn more about QALSODY.

Resources to support your journey on QALSODY

Download the Patient Brochure for information on how QALSODY works, clinical trial results, and more.


Download the Getting Started brochure, your guide to how QALSODY is administered.


Copay support

Is there a Copay Program for QALSODY that may
help reduce out-of-pocket costs?

There are 2 ways in which you may be eligible for financial assistance from Biogen’s Copay Program: for QALSODY itself and for some of the treatment costs to the administration of QALSODY. These are 2 different programs and if eligible, you must enroll separately. 

  • Generally, all US residents who are prescribed QALSODY who have coverage through non-government insurance are eligible, regardless of income, subject to Biogen’s terms and conditions. Insurance will be billed first and must pay before copay assistance will be applicable
  • Individuals receiving coverage from Medicare, Medicaid, the VA/DoD, TRICARE®,* or any other governmental or pharmaceutical assistance may not be eligible

Patients may be eligible if:

  • You’re not a resident of Massachusetts, Minnesota, or Rhode Island  
  • Your healthcare provider submits a request for treatment using an approved procedure code for anesthesia, imaging procedures, and/or surgical procedure or drug administration. Only codes approved by Biogen shall be eligible under the program. There would likely be other administration costs not covered by the program

Administration Copay Program will cover only specific, approved billing codes that relate to anesthesia, imaging procedures, and/or surgical procedure or drug administration. The program does not cover lab work, observation, surgical supplies, facility/room costs, or other miscellaneous costs that may be associated with the administration of QALSODY. 

*TRICARE® is a registered trademark of the Department of Defense; Defense Health Agency. All rights reserved.

Download the Copay Reimbursement Form to take to your healthcare provider.



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